Touriz as the motto reads “Your smart choice for tickets”, is a smart e-ticketing system for the tour enthusiastic individuals.

Touriz is a complete e-Ticketing system where it acts as a samaritan for those who face issues of distributing/selling/buying a physical ticket for bookings done from across the globe. Touriz bridges the gap of distributing tickets to the individuals physically.

This allows the agents/wholesalers, attraction owners to distribute their product effectively without the hindrance of a physical ticketing.

Touriz targets both B2B and B2C market and hence widely spread in nature.


The agents can book/sell the ticket from anywhere in the globe.

Once the individuals reach the counter of the recreation/attraction that they have booked, they can use the QR or barcode that was sent to them by Touriz while booking, and redeem their e-ticket in the ticketing counter and enjoy the unlimited fun activities.


Having targeted the already known issue of the physical ticket being sent to global agents and help to connect with Agents across the globe to expand distribution and increase sales; the pricing management system in Touriz also provides the ability to provide Promo Codes and sets different prices for different agents. This makes it exclusive and provides a competition along with being attractive in providing promos.

Is it limited to agents?

As mentioned earlier, Touriz targets both B2B and B2C market and hence widely spread in nature.

Touriz targets on wholesalers and attraction owners, not limiting to wholesalers, agents who would love to use Touriz as their platform to expand their business horizon can be onboarded to Touriz.

Touriz aims to connect wholesalers and attraction owners whilst agents can get connected with other agents to broaden their Business.