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Smart City

The concept of a smart city involves using technology to improve the quality of life for citizens, optimize urban infrastructure and services, and promote sustainable development. Computer vision is a critical component of many smart city applications.

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Pothole detection

Pothole detection and classification using computer vision AI models can be used to automate the process of identifying and classifying potholes on the roads. The trained model can then be used to analyze images and videos recorded using cameras to classify potholes in real time. This information can be used to prioritize road maintenance, plan repair activities, and improve road safety.


Facial recognition using computer vision AI models in the smart city industry can be used for a variety of purposes, such as public safety, crowd management, and personalized services. It can be deployed in the smart city setting to identify individuals in real-time. This information can be used for various purposes, such as identifying wanted individuals, monitoring crowd movements, and personalizing services such as retail or entertainment.

Fire and Flood detection

Fire detection using computer vision AI models in the smart city industry can be used to improve fire safety by automating the process of detecting fires and alerting authorities in real time. Flooded areas can be detected in real-time by deploying computer vision models to analyze video feeds from CCTV cameras and the relevant authorities can be automatically alerted in real-time.

Action detection

Action detection technology uses machine learning algorithms to analyze images or video footage and identify specific actions being performed by individuals or objects in the environment. This technology can be used to track and monitor individuals and objects in real time, providing valuable insights into the patterns of behavior and activity in the smart city.


Computer vision can be used effectively to detect and read the information on license plates of vehicles, thereby automating several processes like toll deduction. Similar technology can be used to even verify documents.

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