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What is Odoo Document Management System?

Odoo Document Management System: The Odoo Documents Management System Module provides a single point of access to all documents. Documents are sorted, filtered, and grouped based on a number of parameters. The documentation module contains everything from employee documents to financial documents. The document module is linked to a number of other modules, including invoice, sales, and accounting, to name a few. The simple integration of Odoo ERP's various applications makes collaboration between departments much easier. Odoo, a coordinated and powerful ERP, will help you move into the paperless age of industry.

Odoo Document: This module was designed to assist businesses in going paperless but still meeting their expectations through proper record keeping and document organization. A software solution is unavoidable in the age of digital records. Internal Finance HR Recruitment Product or Items, and so on are all parts of the Odoo Documents app.

Product document: Product management would necessitate a number of documents that dealt with the various activities and details related to the product. Internal guides, FAQs, and customer guidelines are examples of documents that could be included.

  • User manuals
  • Product Requirement Documents
  • Prototypes and designs
  • Specifications
  • MSDS, and so forth.