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What are the limitations of using the Odoo community edition?

Odoo ERP has come about with many community versions so that the users can benefit from it. The community edition of Odoo has many attractive facilities from which you can reap benefits according to your own business objectives. With the community edition, the user does not get the following:

In General:

  • No version upgrades
  • No hosting
  • No unlimited support for the functioning

In Accounting:

  • Only allow invoice and payment management
  • Other aspects like bank synchronisation, budgets, checks and more not allowed

In Project management:

  • Allow execution of tasks
  • Allow preparation of timesheets

In Sales:

  • Allow CRM, sales, customer portal
  • Not rentals, digital products, eSignatures, field service

In HR:

  • Allow managing employee expenses, directory, leaves, recruitment
  • No employee referral, appraisals or payrolls

In Inventory:

  • Inventory and purchase management
  • No support for barcodes, shipping connectors or flow for multiple companies