Data Analytics

Services are being provided in Game Analytics and Event Data Analytics.

Saaragh uses. D3.js- that has become the holy grail of interactive data visualization. Redis cache and Mongo DB servers play equally important role for Saaragh for their exclusive services in Gaming and Event analytics that are cloud driven.

The parallel growth of data analytics has resulted in a convergence between both industries, with Big Data playing an increasingly larger role in how the gaming industry collects and analyzes data. This intersection between gaming and analytics has resulted in the ability of gaming companies, to increase advertising revenue, improve gameplay, and efficiently manage the user experience.

Gaming expected to continue growing for the foreseeable future. This growth has resulted in a flood of player and usage data, such as:

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User play time, Interactions between players, Quitting point (when players leave a game),
Peak server times, lag/ping rates, international connections; user activity and profile data associated with player accounts.
Saaragh solutions the architecture of the gaming product and provides end to end solutions.

Marketers gain great insights when they can easily link web events to valuable customer actions. Saaragh develops solution for conducting modern web analytics due to its ease of data modeling and rapid data exploration that makes it easy for everyone to find and understand their event analytics data.