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Best Odoo Development Services for Businesses

Best Odoo Development Services for Businesses

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that is the need of the hour for the business. The outspread of the pandemic – Covid19 has affected every business and most of the business owners have been adopting the right technologies to support their businesses and optimizing the processes. ERP plays an important role in defining the growth and streamlining the entire business process. It is projected that the ERP market could touch $78.40 billion by 2026 from $35.81 billion in 2018, this indicates the growth of ERP platforms like Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

What is Odoo?

Odoo is the complete ERP suite that one business needs. However, companies go for Odoo development services to customize the solutions offered by Odoo as per their requirements. One can use Odoo platform as it is, but if they need any changes then they need to customize it. Saaragh Technologies, a leading software consulting company from Singapore, has been offering Odoo development services to its clients and helping them get the best Odoo apps for their business. Odoo comes with many modules like sales, accounting, inventory, purchase, manufacturing, HR, project management, CRM, email marketing, and many more. It is always recommended to use the modules as per the requirement of the business. More than 4 million users are using the best ERP platform – Odoo for their business processes. It is one of the most popular ERP software applications.

Advantages of Using Odoo/Odoo Development

  1. Complete Business Suite: Odoo is the complete business suite that fits into every business model. Independent modules could be installed and used as per the need of the organization. Odoo will help the business to streamline and optimize the processes for faster growth & digital transformation.
  2. Open Source Solution: Odoo is an open-source solution and businesses can customize the application and use it. The open-source development model of Odoo allowed many businesses to develop their business apps.
  3. Cost-effective Solution: Saving the cost is especially important in using business software applications. Standard Odoo business application covers 90% of the business processes. No need to have a separate application for each of the departments like HR, accounting, sales, inventory, and manufacturing, etc. Many companies can save cost and time by simply moving to Odoo ERP solutions.
  4. Customization: The biggest advantage of Odoo solutions is that it is customizable. You can modify the modules. For this, companies like Saaragh Technologies can help you with Odoo Development and Customization. No need to stick to the basic model and process as defined in the application; companies can do a lot of customization of the application as per the requirement and process.
  5. Cloud ERP: Deploying ERP on the cloud is the best thing for businesses. Access the application from anywhere and update & get things done. Streamline the business process by moving to cloud ERP. Odoo is the best business ERP application. Management and employees can access Odoo ERP from anywhere. The application plays an important role during COVID as most of the employees, managers, directors, and management members work from home.
  6. Odoo Development: Modify and develop the Odoo application as needed. Count on trusted companies for the Odoo development services. There are many companies in Singapore offering Odoo development services. Businesses can get benefit greatly from Odoo development services by making it more business-friendly software.
  7. Easy Installation: Odoo is the best software regarding installation, be it on-premises or cloud. There is an easy installation process and it can go live and works fine. No need to fret if you want Odoo deployment on Kubernetes. Companies like Saaragh Technologies can help you deploy Odoo on Kubernetes so that you don’t have to worry about down-times of your service.
  8. User Friendly: Odoo is the best ERP that is user-friendly. Basic training is needed to operate the modules and users can adapt to changes very easily within a few days of using the Odoo application. The graphical presentation is the key feature of the Odoo application, there are no complex processes to remember.
  9. Integration: Odoo is the best software as it is easy to use and integrations features. Integrate with any third party apps in Odoo. There are many third party apps in the application those can be easily integrated with Odoo app. Most of the time, businesses need to use various third party apps for data retrieval, exchange and transaction. Odoo has the best feature that it can be integrated with apps with few actions. There are over 16,000 third-party apps/plug-ins in the Odoo application that can be integrated.
  10. Modules: The complete business suite comes with 30 main modules or apps. Many other modules make the business apps a complete solution for any business. All these apps are classified under finance, sales, websites, inventory, human resource, marketing, services, and productivity. Businesses can use the number of apps or modules needed for the business operations & process.

Complete List of Odoo Apps for your business:

  • Boost Your Sales: CRM, POS, Sales
  • Integrate Your Services: Project, Timesheet & Helpdesk
  • Streamline Your Operations: Inventory, MRP, Purchase
  • Build a Sunning Website: Website Builder, E-Commerce
  • Manage Your Finance: Invoicing, Accounting
  • Amplify Your Marketing: Email Marketing, Marketing Automation

Odoo solutions are instrumental in business growth. Many businesses have benefited from using the best Odoo solutions in their operations. The digital transformation process or the technology adoption journey of any business is incomplete without having the right ERP solutions for the business. Odoo is the best software that is easy to use, customizable, and can be implemented in any business process for optimization & growth. Module like marketing, accounting, inventory, CRM, POS, and many others are very essential for any business process.

Odoo solutions are useful for any business for making websites, maintaining business processes, and amplifying marketing activities. It is an all-in-one software for business growth.

For any sort of Odoo solutions, please do write to us at mailto and our Odoo Consultants will be available to provide the best solutions that work for your business. Saaragh Technologies also offers AI, ML, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing services.